Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.—-Mahalia Jackson

The power of prayer has a way of granting miracles.  Thus the case of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

Bobbi Kristina Brown
Bobbi Kristina Brown

Bobbi Kristina Brown has  awakened  from the coma  she’s  been in for over a month and a half a source close to her family tells crownheightsmom.com exclusively.

“Bobbi Kristina  is out of the coma” says a source close to the 22-year old’s  family . “She  is opening  her eyes but isn’t talking yet,”  adds the source.

For  family and friends  of the aspiring singer and especially for her father R&B singer  Bobby Brown this  must come as  the best news  since that fateful Jan. 31, 2015  day when Bobbi Kristina  was found unresponsive  in the Roswell, Georgia home she shared with boyfriend Nick Gordon. She was found  unconscious and in a bathtub – eerily similar to how  her mother Whitney Houston had died in 2012.

R&B singer Bobby Brown
R&B singer Bobby Brown

“Krissi awakened about two weeks ago,” says the  source close to her family. Could Bobby Brown have  hinted  at  this news  in a March 3 press release his lawyer sent out saying, “We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers.”

One can  imagine how  thankful Bobby Brown must be feeling. The singer  has continuously asked for  prayers  for his daughter Bobbi Kristina and as the  weeks have gone by and   we have  seen the pictures of his daily trips to and  from  the  hospital  to be at her bedside. He has been a dad who is enduring what happened to his daughter  publicly while  asking for privacy from the press as he continues trying to hold it all together for himself and his family  while  the  criminal investigation  continues  into how his daughter  ended up in the condition she’s in . Most parents  would prefer to  never go through a situation like this, but if they had to be in  a situation like this they would prefer  to go through it  privately. It is good to see that the R&B star  has held firm to his faith to pull him through and to see that in some ways these prayers are being answered. Crownheightsmom reached out to Bobby Brown’s camp for a response  and was told  to refer to what  Bobby has said  in his press releases, saying, “We continue to request privacy in regards to my daughter’s medical condition.  We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers.”


Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother Whitney Houston
Bobbi Kristina Brown and her mother Whitney Houston

Not out of the woods though progressing slowly . “She is not recognizing people’s faces but she has eye movement and  is responsive to voices and touch,”  the  source tells crownheightsmom exclusively. This progress, says the source, is what prompted the family to  move her from Emory Hospital to a specialized facility,  still in Georgia, that can better treat her.

Visitors to see Bobbi Kristina since her improvement have included her grandmother Cissy Houston,  81  who arrived about a week ago  to visit  her  granddaughter says the  source.  Cissy  last visited  in early February.  As of this writing  Cissy is reported to have returned  to her home in New Jersey .

Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother Cissy Houston
Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother Cissy Houston

It definitely feels great to hear  promising news about Bobbi Kristina’s  condition and as she progresses we hope to  keep well wishers up to date.

As Bobbi Kristina’s   condition continues to improve the source close to the  family  adds,  ” I would like to  ask people to keep praying for Bobbi Kristina. She still has a long way to go.”

by Debra Lewis-Boothman

EXCLUSIVE!!!!! Cissy Houston Leaves Bobbi Kristina’s Bedside:Heads Back To New Jersey

Bobby Kristina
Bobby Kristina

Bobbi Kristina Brown  turns 22-years old in  two days.  She  remains on  life support in a medically induced coma  at Georgia’s  Emory University Hospital, 28 days after being found at home  unresponsive in her bathtub.

Last week reports surfaced  that the  21-year old  suffered  a violent seizure  after she was taken out of her medically induced coma by her doctors . She has since been induced to stop the seizures and is  back in a coma
Bobbi Kristina in  March 2014 looking gaunt
Bobbi Kristina in March 2014 looking gaunt
“These seizure are  not new,”  a source close to the families tells crownheightsmom.com exclusively.  “She has been having them,” adds the source.
Daily visits to   the 21-year-old’s bedside  come from  family on both sides – the Browns and the Houstons- including her  father  Bobby Brown  and her grandmother Cissy  Houston, the pair,  whom have not  been seen  together since  Whitney’s  funeral in 2012 .  Cissy, who arrived on Feb 6 had been a constant,  although recently there has not been sightings of her. Cissy reportedly had  been singing to her granddaughter   and even  celebrate  her birthday early with roses .
Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother Cissy Houston
Bobbi Kristina and her grandmother Cissy Houston
Cissy  also only stayed  a week a source close to the Brown and Houston families  reveals to crownheightsmom.com exclusively.  “Cissy left Atlanta on Feb 12. She’s back in New Jersey.” Adds the source, “People  will probably ask,  why isn’t she  still there with her but  Cissy is not that close to her granddaughter plus people must understand she’s  old and this  takes a toll.”Also adds the source, “There is not much  Cissy can do  there, at the end of the day  Bobby is there and any decisions made  regarding Krissi’s health and well-being will come from him.”  
Dionne Warwick
Dionne Warwick

Meanwhile, second  cousin, Dionne Warwick, 74,  has been unable to make it to Atlanta to see Bobbi Kristina .  Says a Houston family source, “Dionne had a fall in January  and hurt her ankle and  is now  back in the hospital,  but just  to  get rehab on the ankle.” Adds the source, “She was admitted because she wouldn’t  keep off her feet.”  Warwick was reported to have fallen in her bathtub   in January. She was just re-admitted to the hospital  recently in order for the rehab and physical therapy to begin and to work..

Bobbi Kristina and her cousin Dionne Warwick


 A parent will love and protect their  children by all means necessary and Bobby Brown is no stranger to this . In 2011  the R&B singer  when questioned about Bobbi Kristina’s  by PEOPLE responded,  “I am protecting my daughter.” Since his arrival to Atlanta,  Brown  has been a constant at  his daughter’s bedside and even  delayed an upcoming  Australian tour to be by her side. His protectiveness now though many may say has come a little too late. Says a source,  “She needed  that fatherly protection constantly the last three years.”
Bobby is holding out hope for his daughter
Bobby is holding out hope for his daughter
As Bobbi Kristina’s  birthday approaches wishes for her recovery are being posted daily by well wishers on her social media .  Ellin LaVar of LaVar Hair Designs  in Harlem and the longtime hair stylist of  Whitney Houston  says,  “I am speechless and saddened by the circumstances but  I am keeping Bobbi Kristina  and Cissy in my prayers.” Adds LaVar,  “I am praying that God will bring Bobbi Kristina through this difficult situation.”…..by DEBRA LEWIS-BOOTHMAN





Gosh darn, come on now Mr. Huxtable. Does this mean  Little Bill is a lie too?

Books are a big part of my  home.  You can find them in almost every room except  the  bathroom. With my two youngest  attending  charter school, reading is happening even more at home.

Finding my children  lost in books is never a surprise—  I came in from work last Tuesday and found my 7 year old son  sprawled across  the bedroom floor amongst  7 to 8   books. It  made me smile . On  a closer look of the titles I saw the  kid fantasy, “The Legend of Zelda”, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” which  is on my “bathroom talk” list  as it celebrates  the wedgie, booger and  fart loving humorous stage  only boys love to love and  which  my son currently LIVES for, and lives to tease  his 8- year old sister  with.  The other four books including  the one in his hand  were  all   “Little Bill”  book titles .


I did a double take and asked. “Hey what ya reading there ?” No answer. Finally an ‘Oh, hi mommy, I’m just reading Little Bill’s The Meanest Thing To Say’ was  his reply.

Bill Cosby, 77 is under fire for acts against women

In light of the accusations   that have been leveled against Mr Cosby by many women including former top model Janice Dickerson as seen in PEOPLE  magazine I immediately wondered did my 7- year old  hear something on the news or read something  on the computer . For me, I, wanted to know,  if he did hear something,  what , where, when  and how much. Moreover, does he understand any of it.

Whispering to my husband I asked why the  amount of Little Bills on the floor all of a sudden? What gives?  In hindsight though  had this happened  before Mr. Cosby hit the headlines  I would not have asked such a question.  Instead I would have been happy knowing that he had chosen these books—-a  book series by a black author and a  black female illustrator, the late Varnette  P. Honeywood.

Thinking aloud,  I wondered will we have to decide on the  fate of these books as many  were  deciding on the fate of the legacy of Mr. Cosby . Would  this series   of books  loved by my  children ages 22 to 7 continue to stay on our  bookshelves. My eldest son  grew up with Little Bill. They have a  more than 15-year relationship.

On Mr Cosby. I have  compartmentalized him into a few categories——the man accused of allegedly  drugging and taking advantage of  women going back more than 20 years; the man who has done great things to uplift  his race; the man with the ideal legacy; the man who stood for fatherhood.

Looking back I  remember to 2006 while still a reporter at PEOPLE  that the magazine  interviewed  five  accusers of Mr. Cosby who were at that time part of a civil lawsuit Cosby  settled  with Andrea Constand,  a former Temple University employee who claimed she was  drugged and sexually assaulted by him in his Philadelphia-area mansion in 2004. At that time 13 “Jane Does'” as they were referred to in the court papers had come forward to testify.  Fast forward  8 years later and we have celebrity faces like Dickerson and now most recently  the famed African American model Beverly Johnson speaking out  to Vanity Fair  of being drugged by him.


Famed Model Beverly Johnson

Mr Cosby  has stood  for a lot   and   his  Little Bill books stand for so much more . To  children across the world the book series by one of America’s most beloved comedians has  helped them to wrestle through the many stages of growing up.  Yes I am torn about the man and  what  he is alleged to have done. But am I going to throw my Little Bill books out ?  No,  I am not. These books. They are staying  on the bookshelf.

Our Little Bill books have a history and that is what  makes them that more special to us and especially my  small son and daughter.  Besides knowing that they are  hand-me-down books  from   big brother  Dillon. Each of  the 12 books help affirm the value of  family and friendship and  help encourage kids to  solve problems fairly.. Mr Cosby definitely knows what makes kids tick and how they relate to each other. Hmmm, maybe he needs  to take some “Little Bill” advice.

I can remember buying each and every one  of  them for Dillon.  Packed away  as he grew older  they were put  back on the shelf  when we  moved to our home in PA in 2006.  When our now  7 and 8-year olds became Cosby fans  they opted for the syndicated Cosby Show  and my  husband’s  personal library of  taped VHS Cosby Show programs.  Once  they grew older and got into   reading  chapter  books  they were quickly and easily hooked to Little Bill.  the illustrated artwork alone is a draw. .

Little Bill has taught  my black sons and daughter how to read better, how to treat their fellow man, how to cope with mean kids, the consequences of telling fibs, dealing with being afraid of the dark, and being teased about  first  crushes and more  .

All in all  Little Bill  became that  friend  in a book . An imaginary bestie that they to this  day continue to learn from

So I think Little Bill  will get to stay. Big Bill though, I am not too sure about!