For most of us Thanksgiving morning begins at the crack of dawn getting up to season that turkey that has been sitting in the fridge after being rubbed down and washed in lime and  salt.

Coming from Barbados, West Indies  that  Turkey will have to be seasoned well in seasoning that  consists of a mixture of spices including chopped/minced  onions, garlic cloves, salt, peppers, scallions, thyme and a half or whole scotch bonnet pepper( depending on how spicy you like it). Mixed together in a bowl take  little handfuls and spread throughout  every crevice and pocket of that turkey. The end result? One  tasty  seasoned bird that ‘s  fit for  a King.

I hope you  try this seasoning recipe . It’s good for all meats, poultry and fish. If you do,  let me know with a comment.

The feast is ready! Thanksgiving 2014

The feast is ready! Thanksgiving 2014

Nothing like a sip of  Stones Ginger Wine. LOL

Nothing like a sip of Stones Ginger Wine. LOL

Sharing  this special day with delicious food and drink  with family and friends close  is what’s its  all about.

Children and Family is what it is all about.

Making this day special is what allows your children to carry on the tradition with each generation.