I absolutely love  romantic comedies, so  joining  The MOMS for  an early morning  screening  of  the just released indie All Relative from director   J.C. Khoury was exciting.  Plus add in a Q&A with the movie’s beautiful star  Connie Neilsen, icing!

All Relative  lived up to  what I expected.  Was it funny? Yes!  Did it  deal with the subject matter at hand? Most of the time, yes!  Was I surprised  that a comedy about a guy dating a mom and her daughter would draw lots of laughs  from  the mostly female audience in the screening room. YES, I was.

(L to R) Denise Albert, Connie Neilsen, J.C. Khoury, Melissa Musen Gerstein chat it up.
(L to R) Denise Albert, Connie Neilsen, J.C. Khoury, Melissa Musen Gerstein chat it up.

Neilsen , the Danish beauty was flawless as she walked in from the NY November cold  dressed in her red and black Lumber Jack  coat over  black leather trousers and sweater . Headed to take her seat to chat with the MOMS  about her role  of the unhappy wife and mother who has  a fling  with her daughter (Sara Paxton’s) boyfriend (Jonathan Sadowski), Neilsen says when taking on  new roles  they must  have some type of real life truth to them. “In this role I saw a woman  that was hurt and as an actor  I am always looking  for truth. If the scene isn’t true I don’t know how to act it.”

For director Khoury who also wrote the  screen play  casting Neilsen was a no brainer . “I was looking for a three-dimensional Mrs Robinson, ” he says. When Khoury  asked  who that might be,  he answered his own question,  “I said, it’s Connie Neilsen!”

Neilsen went back to  her roots and becoming one with her funny side. “I started out in comedy and then took dramatic roles,” she says of  her comedic timing. ” I did five years  of comedy before I did anything else. Comedy was completely natural for me,”she adds.

To see more  of Connie Neilsen  you can catch her  on the  small screen on The Good Wife and   The Following.  She will grace the big screen in 2015 alongside Nic Cage in the political drama The Runner.

Rating: On a scale of a star between 1-5 . It gets  3 stars  for being funny .

Subject matter :  guy dates a mom and daughter/an unhappy wife has an affair

Standout words: cheater, sex, divorce, love, tears,divorce, compromise, forgiveness, love, honesty, fragility, loneliness,

All smiles with actress  Connie Neilsen and Director J.C Khoury
All smiles with actress Connie Neilsen and Director J.C Khoury

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A married mom of three, living in Brooklyn, New York. More than 15 years as a fact-checker, writer and reporter for PEOPLE Magazine allowed me to interview and network with A-list celebs and US presidents. Now, giving back by sharing my knowledge with young people as a college professor. A lover of family, travel, fitness, fashion, music, film, tv, technology, nature, animals and peace.

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