I  had long forgotten or better yet,  given up  on my  teenage dreams of becoming a fashion designer . That was until recently, attending  a  Target Free Sundays  at the  Studio Museum in Harlem with my  8- year old daughter and  viewing the Speaking of People  exhibition. Directly after,  we  headed  to Workshop A  for the Hands On Fashion Extravaganza workshop to make our own fashion layouts from blank traced  silhouettes.

From the Speaking Of People Exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem

The workshop  re-ignited the passion  to begin thinking again about designing  clothing.  A dream I’d abandoned  so many moons ago  while  a teen. Summers  of  countless hours  pouring over the fashion pages of  Ebony, Vogue, Essence,  Seventeen, TEEN and  Cosmo .

Dreams of  one day designing my own line of  bold, vivid colorful fashions  reminiscent of  my  childhood in Barbados  were always at the  back of my mind. Although not led to a career in  fashion,   I did wind  on  the pages of magazines —writing and reporting  on fashion and being  amongst  the small  group of initial staffers to start-up a then  new  PEOPLE Stylewatch in 2002.-  launching  it to its fashion bible status of today . Choosing a path of going  to the  world of  magazines and celebrity journalism. I would end up writing about fashion  not designing  it,

Getting to share  the workshop with my daughter and seeing  her talents shine at such a young  age is so rewarding. Other families enjoying the including the  workshop mums, grandmas, dads and aunts taking the  for color, design  and Thinking Springtime  and Summer I chose bold colored  paper for the clothes and got my scissors to work in cutting them out. Gluing the paper clothes on was a lil tricky but

Crownheightsmom gos for the bold colors of the caribbean

We started out with  blank Sillhouttes


The colored paper to create the clothes

Cut out clothes to stick on the silhoutte


My  8- year old daughter ‘s creations: She   has a great eye for color.  She chose to use colored paper and colored  markers.

8-year old Kameko's vision on her silloutte
8-year old Kameko’s vision on her silloutte
Kameko’s silhoutte all done

Take a trip  to the Studio Museum in Harlem.. What a wonderful way to bond  and learn  alongside your  child. Art Rocks!

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