Modern film musicals are having a huge upswing. Don’t call it a comeback… it the future!


The new revamped ANNIE is hip and fresh


I grew up loving musicals. In fact, I remember as a kid growing up in  Barbados we would sit in front of the  television  and watch  Fred Astaire and Ginger  Rogers musicals  for hours on end. After arriving in America  in the early 80’s  I  was introduced to Carmen Jones, my  very first film  musical  featuring  an all  black cast. I think I had  an instant crush on the ever handsome Harry Belafonte  and was just in awe of the  jaw dropping beauty  and talent of both  Dorothy Dandridge  and Pearl Bailey .Carmen Jones  became that “it” musical for me.

Jump to 2014 and I am still loving film musicals. In January after learning  that the studios will be rolling out quite a few  you can imagine how psyched I was  especially when I  heard that Will Smith and  his wife Jada  alongside Jay Z were behind a new modernized version of Annie . My kids especially, were  awaiting this release as it starred Quvenzhané Wallis as the first ever black  Annie alongside Jamie Foxx in the Daddy Warbucks role. The movie is refreshing, uses NYC ( Harlem mostly) as its backdrop and isn’t too sappy .It is ultimately a  movie for KIDS and about kids.

Following Annie’s release on Dec 19  Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp popped up in the fairytale star-packed film musical  Into the Woods commanding  over  $15 mil  in box-office receipts  on Christmas Day alone.  Fast behind Woods in February moviegoers will be feasted  to The Last Five Years with Anna Kendrick  and  close behind is London  Luck Stiff with Jason Alexander, then American Idiots, a Cats reboot and  Guys and Dolls will rounds it out with the hottie Channing Tatum in the lead.  Not bad at all! I am excited  for all of these.

I must give props to  The MOMS‘ Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein who have consistently showed that they  knows how to pick movie winners. When they screened   Frozen just before Thanksgiving  in 2013 to their mom bloggers and families I remember leaving the  screening room thinking this is a winner . We all know how boombastically well  that film went on to do .  With their Annie screening on Dec 16 I felt the same way. In fact,  when they posted that they were screening it  RSVPs  filled up in minutes with  many wait-listed . The MOMS did not disappoint. They partnered  with Norwegian Cruise Line for a great event that  even included  a surprise Q&A and picture taking    with the  young child actors who play the orphans -(Tessie) Zoe Margaret Colletti, (Mia) Nicolette Pierini,  (Isabella) Eden Duncan-Smith and (Pepper)Amanada Troya.

This [one] is more relatable to this generation of kids.It is very modernized. It  has social media and such.-actress Eden Duncan-Smith, 15.(Isabella)


My 8-year old daughter Kameko  in her fancy red dress reviewed  the movie and gave her ratings  in  Popcorn Stars.


My 8- year old daughter Kameko all dressed up as she heads to see Annie with friends from school.
My 8- year old daughter Kameko all dressed up as she heads to see Annie with friends from school.

Out of 5 Popcorn Stars – Annie gets 4 popcorn stars says Kameko who  saw the movie with six  of her classmates. Her only complaint—- she asks why  was Foxx called Mr. Stacks. Says Kameko, ” Annie was called Annie and Ms. Hannigan was called Ms. Hannigan  so he should have been called  Daddy Warbucks.”

Highlights from the movie include “Opportunity” the heart tugging ballad  sung by Wallis . Which she says is “really good” .




For a great feel good movie for kids and about kids definitely check out the Annie Movie.  Currently playing in a theater near you.

No hard knock life here just dreams of tomorrow…….only a day away


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