Hunna Nanga Dagga Doo……Oooh Chuu Kakasss Oola Mamm Chu Pa Kasss! Gibberish anyone?

Not up on the new lingo? Need help learning but don’t know whom to call. No worries just ask actor Patrick Gallagher currently on the big screen in Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

“I have been in all[Night at the Museum] and the best thing is I get to invent a language,” actor Patrick Gallagher shared with families during a MOMS screening of the third installment of the kid favorite film franchise on December 18 in New York City. Gallagher who plays Attila The Hun in the previous two installments dons the costume in what seems to be the movies’ final lap.  Fans of the actor can also see him grace the small screen  on the Jan 5 episode of NCIS-Los Angeles. He sat for questions from MOMS hosts Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein including  kids in the audience.

Actor Patrick Gallagher is in great company with the MOMS Denise[L] and Melissa[R] at the Crosby Street  Hotel's screening Room Dec 18
Actor Patrick Gallagher is in great company with the MOMS Denise[L] and Melissa[R] at the Crosby Street Hotel’s screening Room Dec 18
“It’s all made up,” he shares of the gibberish he has made cool with kids since donning the  Hun costume eight years ago. Adding his highlights of working on the film franchise includes the location shoots that has taken the Canadian to sets in New York, Washington DC and London. Although he says there are “a lot of long days and my costume is kinda hot,” he doesn’t mind it because as he tells a little tyke in the audience who asks how it feels to be in a movie,”Its very cool to be in a movie especially a movie this big.”

On returning for his third time around on  the Night at the Museum. “I feel lucky to be in the movie,” he says of the role he has played alongside Ben Stiller, Ricky Gervais and the late Robin Williams since 2006. The movie is one of Williams’ final major movie roles before his death this past August.

Seeing Williams at his best in the role of Teddy Roosevelt made viewers miss him and cherish his memory and laughs that much more .

Gallagher  and Williams with their stunt doubles  during filming...( courtesy of Gallagher's public FB )
Gallagher and Williams with their stunt doubles during filming…( courtesy of Gallagher’s public FB )

Gallagher does have one character with whom as he puts it, “has bodily functions that happen on my shoulder a lot.”  That would be Dexter the monkey whom he adds is also ” getting a little big headed, a little diva but is amazing and amazing to watch.”

Go on out and catch the movie this holiday season. As well as  pick up the previous two  installments .

RATING: BY KIDS ONLY: On a scale of 1-5  Popcorn Stars for keeping kids engaged and  loving the franchise. Night at the Museum: Secret of The Tomb earns 4  Popcorn Stars. Note this rating is per my 8-year old daughter Kameko.

Catch Night at the Museum at your local movie theater.

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