rcmh_041110_5521Mention the  name Rockettes  to any little girl and the reaction —– automatic  excitement.! The annual Radio City  Christmas Spectacular featuring  the  Rockettes, Santa, the Nutcracker and a  Living Nativity ended just weeks ago . My family and I didn’t attend this year  so finding out   we could  see them  for free and in our local neighborhood   was luck shining down on us.

The Rockettes  were going to be the special guests at Dancewave’s Open House on Jan 10.  The Brooklyn non-profit dance education organization  was having an Open House and the Rockettes were going to be there.. It was like being given a belated Xmas gift with extras added in including   free  dance tips, autograph signing with the iconic precision dancer company members as well as   information on Dancewave’s  Spring semester  class offerings . My daughter and I  jumped at the  offer.

Debra Lewis-Boothman AKA crownheightsmom strikes a pose with the iconic Rockettes




My 8-year old daughter Kameko (in stripped leg-warmers) learns how to strut and kick  with the glamorous Rockettes
My 8-year old daughter
(in stripped leg-warmers) kicks it up with the Rockettes

Donning  our dance gear  we headed  off to Park Slope . When we arrived  we met Dancewave’s  Executive and Artistic Director, Diane Jacobowitz  who was responsible  for bringing out the  Rockettes.

Between speaking with parents about her  non profit’s class offerings for adults and children   Jacobowitz pointed out a sentiment echoed by every family present. “Everybody from every neighborhood loves the  Rockettes,” she  says .  That’s very true, thus why the event was  such a draw for Brooklyn  families.   Not only residents of Brooklyn were in attendance also there were families as far as the Upper West Side.

Says Jacobowitz, “Here is an opportunity [to see them] in your local neighborhood. ” Indeed it was. The Rockettes were in BROOKLYNNN,  baby!

The event was definitely an opportunity for that up-close-and-personal meet and greet.  Checkout below  for visuals of the fun day .Also do not forget that  the  Rockettes will be struttin’  and  kicking it up this Spring when they present Spring Spectacular an ode and celebration of all things New York  NewYork with  hottie Derek Hough as a bonus dancer. Not bad at all.. Definitely not too shabby!

The dance lessons with the Rockettes begin. Lots of questions from this group of girls and they are all quick learners.



Learning  how to execute the perfect Rockette high kick.


She has the Rockette stance


My 8-year old daughter (in stripped leg-warmers) kicks it up with the Rockettes


A Rockette is BORN! Tadaaaa!



The event was Fantastic! Dancewave has wonderful dance  classes to choose from—ballet, hip-hop, modern, street jazz, creative movement , contemporary  and more .  My kids are interested in the  hip- hop  classes which we will audit on the 21 . I also love that Dancewave   has adult  classes. This makes it quite  the place thats all about the family .

A Goodbye from the Rockettes who say,  ” It was beautiful  being here.” Adding,  “Being around children is one of the most important things.”




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